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Nintendo announces new Pokemon spinoff, new Wiimote colors, hardware bundles at retailer event


Nintendo of Japan held a retailer conference during which it announced some new products and dated important releases for the Japanese market. The biggest new game announcement is Pokepark Wii: Pikachu's Big Adventure, coming out in Japan on December 5. This action game features your Pokemans performing in events at a theme park. Examples include a Sky Race and Marine Slider event, which offer advantages to Pokemon of flying and water types.

Other announcements for Japan include hardware bundles for Tales of Graces and Samurai Warriors 3. The Graces bundle will be out on December 10, and includes a white Wii, Classic Controller Pro, and the game for ¥27,800. Samurai Warriors 3 will be sold with a black Wii, Classic Controller Pro, and post card set for ¥27,300, or with just the controller for ¥8,715, or alone for ¥7,140. Don't need a Wii but still want to drop a bunch of money? Pick up the Treasure Box edition, with the game, the controller, a figurine, a soundtrack, and an artbook for ¥11,865.

Also announced: new blue and pink Wiimotes, to be released on December 3, just in time for the newly-announced Japanese release of New Super Mario Bros. Wii. The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks will be released on December 23.

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