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One Boss Leaves: Xevozz buffets Ionar


Two Bosses Enter ... but only One Boss Leaves, in's series of fantasy death matches. Welcome to Round Two of the five-man originals Wrath of the Lich King season. Grab a seat, and let's get ready to rumble!

The lightning power of Ionar did nothing but feed the rage of Xevozz in this week's Thunderdome action. Xevozz defeated the hapless lightning revenant with 60% of the spectator's roaring approval. Tucked away in the stands, however, were a few dissenters, such as Xtian.

Xtian: Since when would these bosses not kite each other? They presumably would do whatever is most likely to win them the round, which probably means not standing near each other.

Ionar would power surge one of the arcane energy balls, forcing Xevozz to move away. Ionar would then attack Xevozz. The ethereal could respond by teleporting everyone on top of the arcane energy, but then Ionar would just disperse and become immune to damage. Xevozz would once again have to run away from the protection of his arcane energy, at which point Ionar can fry him with little worry. If Xevozz decided not to engage the elemental and instead hang by his arcane balls, Ionar could just keep dotting up Xevozz, who has no ranged attack.

Clearly the ethereal is not going to win this one.

But siding with the victor was Massa, who offered a panoramic take on the battle.

Massa: The two combatants walk across the fields of Nagrand, Clefthoof and Elekks stampeding in terror. A great energy was surging through this field that had never been seen before. The living cyclones appeared to stop as Ionar came to rest amongst them. What was this being, so similar to themselves, but yet with this amazing power of the storms pent up inside itself?

Xevozz looked from afar off, researching every movement his opponent made. It appeared simple enough: his opponent was a storm held together in some sort of form. Sure of himself, Xevozz took off in a sprint at this being of lighting. Without hesitation, he cast an Arcane Barrage Volley.

Ionar jumped up in surprise, using his shield to deflect the majority of pain inflicted by this new magic. "At last," Ionar thought to himself, "I finally have a lively opponent." Summoning a Spark of Ionar to his side, he quickly casts a Static Overload upon his newfound enemy.

The living cyclones now run in terror as they too were being shocked by the attack, a few falling completely into shackles of nothingness, unable to escape into the waters nearby. Xevozz runs from this Spark and casts his own Ethereal Sphere. "It seems we have similar tricks," Xevozz taunts Ionar, provoking him to summon another spark.

As the first Spark closes in on Xevozz, he stands awkwardly, unmoving. Suddenly the Spark has disappeared, but shrieks of cracking lightning are heard coming from the sphere beside Xevozz. Xevozz laughs, and seems to grow in strength as he casts an Arcane Buffet and Barrage Volley back to back, directly towards Ionar.

Ionar is taken aback by the complete disregard for his summons and hurls a ball of lighting at Xevozz. Each is thrust backwards by the sheer power of these attacks, but Ionar is first to regain composure and dashes towards Xevozz. When the two are almost upon each other, Ionar calls an Arcing Burn upon Xevozz before hurling more balls of lighting.

Xevozz is quick, but not quick enough to escape the Arcing Burn. Running away, he casts more Barrages, until his range will only allow for the Arcane Buffett. There he once again summons the other spark, whom he has barely avoided through the battle, destroying it within his sphere. His strength is returning again. This time he also summons his opponent, now finally sure he has the upper hand.

Ionar roars in pain as the Sphere begins to rip him apart, bit by bit. Then his roar turns to laughter, "I won't die so easily, pest." In a flash, the being Dispersed into five spiders of lightning, circling around Xevozz and his Sphere.

"What sort of trick is this?" Xevozz wonders, searching to see what these new creatures are. At once, all five creatures rush collapse upon Xevozz, singeing the cloth bits and burning pieces of his metal armor. Xevozz curses in a forbidden language and falls to the floor. Swiftly, he crawls away, breathing deeply as he lifts himself to a full sprint in fear. "What amazing power; this is not the small storm I thought it would be."

His eyes light up; the perfect plan comes to his mind. Standing far enough away, Xevozz channels arcane power upon himself. Ionar, sure of his win, simply calls forth another Spark to destroy the remnants of Xevozz that remain.

"It was a good battle," Xevozz boasts, "but you're through."

Confused, Ionar turns back, inching towards the wounded and almost destroyed Xevozz.

Xevozz once again summons the Spark into his newly made sphere, Enraging him and granting him more power. Ionar, believing nothing has changed, simply hurls another ball of lighting. Xevozz, barely able to withstand the blast, remains, casting one Barrage Volley after another. The slow Ionar tries to escape, but something has changed; his casts are faster. BOOM!!!

The first has hit. "What is this? His power is so much stronger than before." Another and another hit him, causing him to reel backwards towards the water. "This cannot be," Ionar yells before bursting into a flash of fireworks, crackling across the land and into the water.

Xevozz, badly wounded, but victorious, walks away smiling.

Unbeknownst to him, a few sparks remain, coursing their way through the water to the shackles of the fallen Living Cyclones. A sparse few rise again, their winds raging as before, but now, an eerie glow pierces through their winds. "I'll get you," one says, "you can never fully destroy me ..."

Stay tuned for the next match of Round Two of the five-man Wrath of the Lich King season and vote to determine who rocks Wrath's five-man world.

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