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Super Street Fighter IV producer wants to expand online mode, add more original characters


In an interview with Famitsu, Super Street Fighter IV producer Yoshinori Ono did a lot of hinting, but didn't really offer any specifics about the new Street Fighter IV update. For example, he declined to explain what's going on with the changed Ultra Combo gauge, though Famitsu speculates the mark in the middle is a Roman numeral I, to denote the first of multiple meters filling. However, there's still enough information to be interesting in Andriasang's translated synopsis.

Ono said he wanted to expand online play, to more closely approximate the excitement of being at a tournament. Online match viewing is something Ono hopes to add to the game, making Street Fighter more of a spectator sport. He also said he wanted to augment the Replay Viewer feature in some way.

As for the most noticeable new addition to Super -- the new characters -- don't expect Juri to be the only original character among a bunch of old Street Fighter series also-rans. Ono said he wanted to add more original characters who, like C. Viper, are at "the borderline of what fans might accept" using unusual fighting styles.

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