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These new Red Dead Redemption screens aren't horsing around


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From the first trailer, we've been hankering to see more from Rockstar's open-world treatment of the Wild West, Red Dead Redemption. That said, there was considerable hootin' and hollerin' around the 'Stiq when the dev dished out these latest screens today.

As good as RDR looks, its gameplay sounds equally impressive given the demo we got during PAX 2009. The ability to kill everything in the game (well, with the exception of things that aren't alive in the first place -- you win this time, rock!) is perhaps overshadowed only by the fact that you'll be able to tan your own leather and sell it, fulfilling a life-long dream for at least .01% of those who'll play it.

Yip-yip yee-haw your way through the new shots in the gallery below, pardners.

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