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Yamaha kicks out TSX-W80, TSX-70 iPod docks / clock radios


It may not go to eleven, but Yamaha's new TSX-W80 iPod dock at least pack some knobs that you'll no doubt be tempted to turn all the way up, and just the right blend of retro good looks and newfangled technology to stand out in a crowded field. That includes a so-called AirWired cradle that'll let you use your iPod or iPhone as a remote, a dock on the main unit itself to charge your iPod, and a choice of three different colors (with matching LED displays) to suit your style. Those looking for something a bit more simple and less eye-catching can also opt for Yamaha's new TSX-70 model (pictured after the break), which drops the AirWired controller but hangs onto the standard iPod dock and all the basic clock radio functionality you'd expect. No word on a release over here just yet, but it looks like both should be available in Japan shortly.

[Via Akihabara News]

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