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DUST 514 trailer released

James Egan

EVE Online creators CCP Games made quite a stir when they announced the console title DUST 514 in August. It's one of the more ambitious game concepts we've heard about in quite a while. A ground based console MMO that ties in with EVE Online? Two separate games, one setting and one community? (The game's tagline is "ONE UNIVERSE // ONE WAR".) There are so many questions that remain unanswered about how DUST mercenaries will interact with and affect EVE's capsuleers, but a more immediate question is, "How does it look so far?"

Unless you were actually in Cologne to see CCP's DUST 514 reveal at GDC Europe, it's likely all you've had to base your impressions off of was a somewhat blurry video capture of the presentation. That is, until now. CCP's released the GDC Europe DUST 514 trailer and it's good to see a crisp version of that footage. The trailer shows how the conflict between EVE's Caldari and Gallente races plays out on the ground on the Gallente planet Intaki V. It gives us a look at War Barge interiors, Mobile Command Centers (MCC) floating over what is now a war-torn Intaki homeworld, and some of the ground and air vehicles that DUST 514 players will put to use.

We've got an embed of that video, so stick with us after the jump for a look at DUST 514.

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