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Gaming glasses not a scam after all


Ars Technica recently decided to try out a set of Gunnar Optiks, glasses which are designed to improve your gaming performance. You may recall we found another use for them during PAX 2009. The Gunnar website espouses scads of advantageous features, including scientifically miraculous coatings, tints, shapes, and materials -- which are purported to do everything from reducing glare to "blocking out evaporative air currents."

Given such claims, we're sure many gamers might scoff or, at the very least, cock an incredulous eyebrow. Ars Technica harbored similar feelings, but it turns out the glasses actually do help. The site spoke to a optometrist, who noted that she offered many of the same features in the glasses she sells in her practice. More importantly, Ars Technica took the glasses for a spin and found that they did have a positive effect during prolonged gaming sessions.

Still, at prices hovering around (and above) $100, Ars suggests you price glasses with similar features with your eye doctor before taking the plunge.

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