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New content for LotRO confirmed: Volume III and Riders of Rohan are on the way [Updated]

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

Lord of the Rings Online fans excited about Siege of Mirkwood have even more to anticipate: in an interview with Gamerzines this morning, Turbine's PR Manager Adam Mersky confirmed the launch of Volume III in early 2010. Siege of Mirkwood will conclude Volume II: Mines of Moria, leaving the way open for the as yet unnamed Volume III.

According to Mersky, "Volume III will kick off with our first content update of 2010. With our expansion this year we've changed the model; you can still expect to receive regular (free) content updates, but they may not map directly to the launch of a new Epic Story. The story will progress and proceed!" He went on to confirm that there is also another expansion in the works, and yes, it is called Riders of Rohan. This is separate from Volume III, and we'll be watching closely for more information in 2010.

Between Siege of Mirkwood, Volume III, and the confirmation of Riders of Rohan, LotRO players have a wealth of new content to look forward to, and the two people left who haven't started playing might find this an excellent time to hop on board.

[Update from Turbine: The actual name "Riders of Rohan" was never confirmed. They're contacting Gamerzines to fix the mistake now.]

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