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TUAW Live Chat with App Store developers


How hard is it to make a living at App Store? Are the naysayers right? Do you need a full-fledged business plan and established company even to step through the door? Or can you make it as an independent, finding your own fortune and success. Today, TUAW talks to a handful of App Store developers to hear their stories and discuss their experience.

Today's scheduled panelists include Bryan Mitchell, author of the extremely successful Geared game for iPhone, Scott Lawrence, developer of LlamaSlate, LlamaClock, among others, Darrel Plant, creator of Bedeviled, a puzzle game, Youssef Francis of Brancipater, developers of FlowChat (an iPhone IRC client), and Jonathan Zdziarski, author of the best Nintendo emulator that never made it to App Store, plus an Amber Alert app that did. Jonathan is also the author of several iPhone books.

We'll be chatting about the challenges and rewards of App Store: how the little guy can make it big, and how the little guy can get beat down. Join us for this live chat and bring your questions.

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