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Kojima cryptically gives opinion on Obama's Nobel Prize

If you thought the writing on the cutscene-friendly Metal Gear Solid franchise was confusing, the reason for that should be crystal clear when you read the personal blog of the series' creator, Hideo Kojima. The blog's latest update imparted the enigmatic developer's feelings on President Barack Obama's recent, unexpected reception of the Nobel Peace Prize:

"President Obama, who declared 'A World Without Nuclear Weapons' in Prague, has won the Nobel Peace Prize. Has the era at last started shifting? The start of the Peace Walker plan? I hope that comes to be. 'Peace will not walk to you.' 'You must both walk towards one another.' From the gym."

Not only does this entry reveal that Kojima writes like William Shatner speaks, but it also exposes a grim truth of the Metal Gear series -- it's all real. The GW construct. The Philosophers' Legacy. The Patriots. FoxDie. And, of course, somewhere there exists a real-life Metal Gear. Based on this post, we're guessing it's in a gym.

[Via Andriasang]

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