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The running of the Ratonga

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

Well, okay, it's not called that, but it's going to look awfully similar. EverQuest II is calling for players to create a brand new, level 1 Ratonga character for the Rat Race, a scavenger hunt of sorts being run on 21 different servers. The race will begin in Hate's Envy on all servers, where the horde of new Ratonga will be given a list of items to gather as they race through Norrath. The fastest finishers will win special in-game prizes, but there are also gifts for everyone who participates.

Kiara and Amnerys from the SOE Community Relations team will be your hosts for this event, so it's sure to be lots of fun. This is an ongoing event, with the first race set for next Tuesday, the 13th, and races scheduled nearly every day until November 6th. Check the list on the official site for starting dates and times for each server, and good luck in the Rat Race!

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