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Alganon to be exclusively distributed through Direct2Drive


Alganon fans, you're going to want to make sure you're keeping an eye on Direct2Drive, as Quest Online has announced an exclusive partnership to sell the game solely through the online digital distribution service.

Pre-ordering the game before the launch date of October 31st will net you a variety of incentives, including beta access, study bonuses, mounts, family heirlooms, and more! While we don't have any exact information to offer on what those items are, it still sounds like a nice plethora of stuff for buying the game early.

Of course, partnering with D2D means partnering with IGN, and that means that Alganon's beta will be conducted exclusively through Fileplanet. Those guys over there will be the keepers of the Alganon beta keys from here on out, so look to them if you're interested in the game's upcoming open beta.

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