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Cables To Go Wireless USB Superbooster Extender might be as awesome as it sounds

Darren Murph

We're not claiming to be experts on marketing or anything, but Cables To Go should really consider a name change. The outfit who's job it is to make your life one that's completely devoid of cables has pumped out yet another cord-free solution in the Wireless USB Superbooster Extender. Said device, which has an admittedly sensational name, is comprised of two pieces: a receiver that connects to your USB-equipped PC via a standard USB cable and a wireless dongle that connects to whatever USB device you'd like to make wireless (a printer, a scanner, a heated blanket, whatever). The kit provides cordless connectivity up to 150 feet (even through walls), though you'll be paying dearly to take advantage. How dearly? $189.99 -- yeah, that dearly.

[Via PC Launches]

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