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Go on a Great American Bird Hunt with Mastiff


While we think of Mastiff as the publisher of random niche games like La Pucelle and Technic Beat (and the occasional more mainstream game like Moon), the publisher has started to carve out a little empire in Wii outdoor sports games, with Deer Drive, Shimano Xtreme Fishing and now Remington Great American Bird Hunt. You can see some screens in our gallery below, and decide whether you'll be up for a Great American Bird Hunt with up to three friends next month.

And now, we get to the real business of this post: the old, hilarious, but sadly unused box art for Ultimate Duck Hunting, which we're always in search of even the flimsiest excuse to post. You'll find it after the break.

Gallery: Remington Great American Bird Hunt (Wii) | 11 Photos

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