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PlaySega without having to PaySega


Sega's casual games portal PlaySega has just added Genesis classics to its lineup. If, like us, your attention has yet to turn to the browser-based service since its December launch, now would be a good time to check it out.

N-Europe reports that you can access a free 10-day trial of the paid "VIP" service now, which allows you to play, in addition to the collection of free games, those that are normally behind a pay wall -- like all the Genesis games, including Sonic the Hedgehog, which also includes (get ready to freak out) a level editor.

If you like the service and then sign up for a three-month ($14.95) subscription, Sega will send you one of the Saturn-style USB controllers seen here. Just don't sign up for the controller and forget you've subscribed, or you'll end up paying a lot more than you wanted to.

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