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Some HTC Hero units shipping sans EV-DO Rev. A on Sprint? (update: nope!)

Darren Murph

Ruh roh. Without claiming that there's some sort of high-speed conspiracy going on at Sprint (read: there's not), we'd like to point out that quite a few early adopters are claiming that their Hero refuses to hop on the carrier's EV-DO Rev. A network. We took a peek back at the company's press release for this very phone, and sure enough, the Rev. A experience is promised. We're guessing that a simple firmware update will be all it takes to remedy the issue (if there's truly an issue at all), but 'til then, there's always WiFi! Right, guys?

[Via Examiner, thanks Tracknod]

Update: We just heard directly from HTC about this snafu, and as it turns out, the message that Sprint Hero users are seeing is merely a mislabeling. If you're within an EV-DO Rev. A area, you'll get Rev. A speeds -- despite that fact that your phone says it's only on Rev. 0. We're also told that a future maintenance release will address the message. Check the full quote after the break.

It turns out that while the phone reads that it is operating at EV-DO Rev. 0, there is a message error in the UI that states this, even if the device is working on a Rev. A network. So, the good news is that this does not at all impact the operation of the phone – if you are in a EV-DO Rev. A coverage area, you will get Rev. A speeds. However, any future maintenance releases will address the message that users see on their phones.

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