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Xbox removes Nov. 17 release date for Twitter/Facebook from UK site

There are few things we hate bearing more than bad news, but, well, it's kind of our job. So, here we go: Hey Champ. Remember how excited you got when you heard the UK Xbox site had listed a release date for the 360 Fall Dashboard Update, which will bring Facebook, Twitter and a whole slew of other services to the platform? Yeah, November 17 -- that's the one! Well, it looks like Microsoft has decided to strip the site of its specificity. Now, it simply reads "service launches Autumn 2009," just like all the other regional Xbox sites.

Aww, come on, Sport. Dry those tear-flooded eyes. The update may still come on Nov. 17, but now it'll be a big surprise. Don't you love surprises? Well, here's one: You're adopted. Makes that whole "disappearing release date" thing seem pretty trivial, doesn't it?

Oh, man, you're really crying now. Fine, we'll contact Microsoft to see what's going on. Just ... just don't tell your mother about the whole "adopted" thing.

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