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Jordan Mechner pitched Sands of Time film with game-derived trailer

Prince of Persia series creator Jordan Mechner came up with a pretty ingenious way of making sure that the upcoming film adaptation of his beloved action-platforming franchise wouldn't diverge wildly from the source material. After the jump you'll find a trailer which Mechner himself cut together in order to pitch the film to Jerry Bruckheimer and Disney -- a trailer composed exclusively of clips from his well-received game, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time.

On his personal blog, Mechner pointed out a number of elements sparsely used in the aforementioned trailer: Time travel, sand monsters, clairvoyant visions -- basically any supernatural plot devices which were apparently cut from the pitch he presented to the studio. Without these aspects, we wonder exactly what the film will focus on. Had they been stripped from the game, it would have been approximately four minutes long.

[Via Big Download]

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