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Ready at Dawn's game engine to 'support all console systems'


Yesterday's announcement that Daxter, God of War: Chains of Olympus and Wii Okami developer Ready at Dawn would be releasing its own game engine was missing something. Specifically: Mention of Nintendo Wii as a supported platform. We found the omission a little odd, considering the studio has done Wii development, so we contacted RAD president Didier Malenfant to find out more.

"We plan on our newly announced platform to support all console systems," Malenfant told us. OK, that was easy. When asked about the fresh job posting on his company's site seeking "a few additions to our engine team in order to add support for an unannounced console platform," though, he remarked that his previous statement was "about all I can say for now," but that "we will have more engine news soon." We're sure it will be ... rad.

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