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Acer Aspire One D250 Android netbook gets fondled and photographed


Acer (a company that we always knew as ambitious... but not too ambitious) finally launched its Aspire One D250 dual boot Windows 7 / Android netbook today, and as you can imagine the ears of the gadget world have all perked up a little bit. According to Pocket-lint, the implementation of the open source OS on a touchscreen deficient PC is not without its issues. For instance, without any designated Android keys, one can find themselves going to the trackpad and ESC key a bit too often. Also worth noting is that this machine will only boot Android -- to access Windows you've got to select "Switch OS" from within Android itself and then wait for Microsoft to take over. According to Register Hardware, Acer VP Jim Wong explained that the company expects people to use Android for the majority of their computing while only hitting up Windows while looking to use software and tools specific to that OS. And sure, that's a decent rationalization -- but why not give us the choice? Either way, we know you're jonesin' to get at all the red hot hands-on action contained within the read links below. And what are you waiting for? Go on!

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