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HP Pavilion dv8 gets official, complete with HP Long Life battery


HP didn't exactly do the best job keeping this one under wraps, but it's now finally gotten official with its new Pavilion dv8 "entertainment laptop," which packs some fairly impressive (if not all that surprising) specs across the board. That, of course, starts with a big 18.4-inch, full 1,920 x 1,080 screen, and continues along the high-end track with a Core i7 processor, 4GB of RAM (expandable to 8GB), dual 320GB hard drives, NVIDIA GeForce GT230 graphics with 1GB of RAM, a built-in TV tuner, and a Blu-ray drive. Of particular note, the laptop also comes standard with HP's Long Life battery, which makes use of Boston Power's Sonata cells and promises a lifespan three to five times better than traditional lithium-ion batteries. Still no official pricing over here, but it looks like this one will be available in the UK starting October 22nd for £1,300 (or just over $2,000).

[Via Shiny Shiny]

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