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More Celestial powers from Champions Online

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

Last week we gave you a look at the first three powers from Champion Online's new Celestial power set. That small preview was enough to raise hopes that Cryptic was addressing some common complaints -- specifically that there weren't enough benefits to group play. Solo play seemed to be a strong focus, which was a bit frustrating to some players. Happily, it looks like Champions Online is continuing to expand grouping benefits with this power set. We've gotten a look at a new Celestial power every day, and the vast majority of them offer advantages to nearby allies.

The diversity of these powers is what really gives them their advantage. If you just really prefer solo play, you're not left out of the new power set. Nearly any Celestial power that can help an ally will hurt a foe, it's just a matter of targeting. Cryptic seems to have hit upon a great balance with these powers, striking a good mix between target damage, ally buffs and heals, and buffs for your own character.

We're looking forward to more updates and especially looking forward to trying this new power set.

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