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Warhammer Online's developers reach into the grab bag

Eliot Lefebvre

Warhammer Online has been making some big changes with their upcoming patch 1.3.2, which naturally leads to a number of player questions about the finer points of interaction between the changes and the present game state. The developers have sat down for another question grab bag, this one focusing heavily on the changes and how they'll impact both items and abilities, as well as the ongoing issues of class balance.

Unfortunately, a number of answers to rather pressing questions (such as whether or not RvR weapons that match the PvE equivalent-tier weapon will be introduced) is the age-old developer mantra of "we're talking about it, but we have no firm details." Still, there's some useful information for those curious about how the removal of Forts will affect the game and obtaining high-end equipment, some information regarding stacking and tuning abilities, and a few interesting tips regarding communication and transport between players. If you're hungry for more information regarding the latest and greatest changes coming to Warhammer Online, you can take a look at the full grab bag on the official site.

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