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CEIVA Pro 80 digiframe accepts new images from MMS, networked PCs

Darren Murph

Timely, no? Exactly a year to the day after the CEIVAlife and CEIVAshare went on sale, the creator of those has decided to out its first digiframe since, and we've got to say -- the Pro 80 is a refreshing change of pace in the drab digital photo frame world. Aside from accepting images via the traditional means (USB, memory cards and telepathy), this one can also take in new pixels via a cameraphone or computer... wirelessly! The built-in WiFi module enables networked PCs to pass along slideshows, while PicturePlan customers ($6.95 per month) can send photos in from their mobiles. In case that's not nearly enough to excite you, there's also free CEIVA Channels (ABC News, ESPN, etc.) to keep you occupied. She's all yours for $179.99, or $147.99 if you snag it this holiday season.

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