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Dragon Age journeys to browsers in Flash-based tactical RPG


BioWare and EA2D, a web game team at Electronic Arts, have announced their collaboration on Dragon Age Journeys: The Deep Roads, a browser-based tactical RPG set in the world of Dragon Age: Origins. Early details on the planned three-chapter game are laid out on BioWare's blog, along with a roster of the indie Flash devs contributing to the project. Development is being led by Daniel Stradwick, creator of the web-based strategy RPG The Monster's Den.

According to EA2D, "The Deep Roads features character classes, talent trees, sound effects, music and user interface taken directly from Dragon Age: Origins," and that it's getting "invaluable feedback and insight on the game from members of the Dragon Age team, including Drs. Ray [Muzyka] and Greg Zeschuk]." The confines of a browser seems like an odd place to play a game from a maker of epic RPGs like BioWare but, then again, the studio recently released an iPhone title -- so we're thinking any platform's fair game. Next up: Dragon Age for graphing calculators.


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