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NES controller flash drive is Konami Code-protected

Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, Start. It's a powerful string of commands capable of garnering its invoker thirty lives, a gaggle of power-ups or other potent in-game bonuses. However, a technomancer from has figured out a way to give the Konami Code practical applications in real life -- it can now be used to unlock one gigabyte of LOLCat JPEGs, German techno covers of Billy Ocean songs or, well, smut.

This little slice of realized magic is possible due to a 1GB flash drive embedded into a hollowed-out NES controller. Entering the Konami Code into the controller unlocks it, allowing you to browse its contents on your compy. To see how this technological feat was made possible, watch the video after the jump. After that, start pondering what this guy could put into a Power Glove. Perhaps -- dare we say it -- a two gigabyte flash drive?

[Via The Tanooki]

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