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PURE's Elan II does DAB time-shifting on the go

Tim Stevens

Okay, yes, we know that domestic radio is a bit passe these days, but DAB is still kicking strong, and everybody likes portable tuners that can pause and rewind. Such is PURE's Elan II, which isn't quite as lovingly styled as the EVOKE-1S or as feature-packed as the Sensia, but it provides a cheeky '80s look and offers the company's ReVu technology, allowing 15 minutes of pausing, rewinding, and fast-forwarding of live radio. It'll do FM too, naturally has a line-in for your choice of PMP, and will rock out plug-free for an impressive 35 hours when you fit an optional battery pack, which looks to cost about £25. The radio itself is £99.99, and since we get no DAB love here in the States we won't bother converting those numbers into their dollar equivalents.

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