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Android 2.0 given a once-over, makes 1.6 look a little dated

Chris Ziegler

Many Android-powered devices around the globe haven't even been granted an official Donut update yet, but 2.0 (Eclair, if you like) is already well on its way to completion, and Boy Genius Report has a rather extensive gallery of shots of the latest and greatest code in action. The biggest disappointment might be that the browser seems to be little more than a minor bump from the one that's shipping in 1.6 -- though it's a boatload faster, which is a start -- and the good news is that pretty much everything throughout the platform appears to have been rethought and refined. The skin looks more modern, new UI elements like graphical balloon-shaped submenus are a welcome touch, and features like integrated Facebook synchronization risk putting MOTOBLUR back on its heels. Look, T-Mobile, we appreciate the quick 1.6 rollout, but can we go ahead and get this pushed out stat while you're at it? Check a shot of the new Contacts pop-up menu after the break.

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