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GamePro shutters BlogFaction websites, focusing on


For those of you visiting in the past day or two, the news that the handful of GamePro-owned sites aggregated there (including GameGirl and GamePro Arcade) are being shuttered isn't exactly fresh. The closing of the "BlogFaction" branded sites comes just weeks after the announcement of new leadership under ex-1UP/WhatTheyPlay owner John Davison. Joystiq spoke with Davison this afternoon about the change and confirmed that while the sites will remain online, they will no longer receive any updates.

"We've invited all the BlogFaction contributors to pitch stories to GamePro," Davison told us. "A lot of my emphasis is going to be on building up online and really trying to think of GamePro as 'GamePro, the brand,' not just 'GamePro, the magazine' ... I started last week and the charge I was given was to help reboot GamePro as a brand." He explained that the reasoning behind discontinuing updates to the BlogFaction sites is to refocus effort on, and his next focus is on delineating between GP content that works online versus that which works in print. He left us with the hint that we'll hopefully be seeing the fruits of his labor by early next year.

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