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GameStop suggests $40 price for Super Street Fighter IV


With Super Street Fighter IV proposing to add eight new fighters to the already content-rich SFIV experience, we could easily envision Capcom charging top dollar for the title -- despite Capcom's comments to the contrary -- but that doesn't appear to be the case. According to a GameStop listing, the retailer pegs the release down to March 23, 2010, which certainly falls in line with Capcom's quoted "Spring 2010" placeholder, and suggests the game will have a $40 price tag.

Look, Capcom, all we're going to say is this: the price isn't an issue, but in all of your tinkerin' with this and that, you better not mess with our favorite character, Dan -- or we will find you ... and likely grovel at your feet, asking you to change him back.

[Via Destructoid]

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