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Mass Effect 2, original logo grace revived EGM's first cover [Update: It's a mockup]


Update: Steve Harris has informed us that, although not presented as such, the cover image on his Facebook page (and Twitter account profile) is actually a mock-up. His comments follow: "[It's] just a mock-up that was actually created some time ago for some sales materials. I just got tired of seeing a simple logo staring back at me everytime I logged onto Facebook/Twitter. FWIW I would love to have ME:2 on the cover -- six months ago. We'll be doing something forward-looking and, as we did in the past, covering future games with the same independent voice for which EGM is known."

Original post: When Steve Harris, founder of Electronic Gaming Monthly, regained publishing rights to the magazine from Ziff-Davis in May, there was much discussion -- but no real answers -- about exactly what form the resurrected publication would take. Harris shed a little light on the topic in an interview with Joystiq last month, and has now posted an image of the the "new" EGM's first cover on his Facebook page (via GameSetWatch).

Going by what we can make out on the thumbnail-sized teaser, the issue -- #238, picking up right where Ziff-Davis left off -- promises a heavy focus on Mass Effect 2 and a slew of 2010 releases, including at least one surprise: Gears of War 3. (Of course, there's no saying for sure what the coverage of the game will actually be.) The image also provides a first look at the magazine's return to a (slightly tweaked) version of its original logo.

Harris has previously hinted at a December 1 return for EGM Electronic Gaming Monthly -- which could very well happen, although he is still looking for staff.

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