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Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker English voice cast announced

With fingers crossed, we turned to the latest Kojima Productions podcast, hoping beyond hope that the studio had taken our recommendation to refresh the voice of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker's bearded protagonist. Our nominee for Solid Snake's new pipes? Bobcat Goldthwait. Sure, Mr. Goldthwait would likely take the series in an unexpected direction -- but what unsuspecting player wouldn't be swept up in an exploration of Snake's rarely discussed history as a rabid, nigh-incomprehensible stand-up comic? Now there's a 90-minute cutscene we can get behind.

Alas, Konami's recently announced voice cast for Peace Walker is actually (gasp!) sans-Goldthwait. Of course David Hayter will reprise the role for, like, the hundredth time. The rest of the totally unsurprising list can be found after the jump -- but why not watch this beautiful excerpt of the Peace Walker that could have been instead?

[Via Kotaku]

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker English voice cast:

  • Naked Snake; Big Boss - David Hayter
  • Master Miller - Robin Atkin Downes
  • Paz - Tara Strong
  • Amanda - Grey DeLisle
  • Strangelove - Vanessa Marshall
  • Coldman - H. Richard Green
  • Huey - Christopher Randolph
  • Galvez - Steve Blum
  • Chico - Anthony Del Rio
  • Cecile - Catherine Taber

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