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Ranger, beastmaster, and summoner targeted for job adjustments in Final Fantasy XI


No, you can't curve the bullets just yet, but Final Fantasy XI's next set of job adjustments, coming in the November version update, is targeting three classes -- the ranger, the summoner, and the beastmaster.

In the first part of the job adjustment news, Square-Enix has released details on the changes coming to the ranger. Two of the changes really stand out, including the adjustment of Velocity Shot's ability duration from five minutes to two hours and the addition of textual notifications that will tell the ranger how successful their shot was from where they were standing.

For those who may not play, Final Fantasy XI's rangers have "optimal distances" for their attacks. If a ranger is standing an optimal distance away from the monster, then their attacks have the chance to do more damage and become more accurate. Finding that distance, on the other hand, always either required a PC add-on (which is illegal to do and can get your character banned) or guesswork based on the number of steps you walked away from the monster.

These textual notifications will help to alleviate the problem of distance as they will inform the ranger how successful his shot was from that point. Sure, there's still guesswork involved, but it will be easier to pinpoint now when you have some sort of feedback to go off of.

Other adjustments include Unlimited Shot, the ability that gives you free bullets/arrows, to continue until you hit the target instead of just working for one shot. Camouflage, the ability that gave rangers invisibility, will now also give the ranger less enmity (hate) on their ranged attack while the ability is active, and it now has the chance to stay active depending on the ranger's positioning. Lastly, ranged attacks from further away will now assign reduced enmity to the ranger the further they are away from the monster.

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