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The daily roundup: here's what you might've missed

Ross Miller

LG GD910 Watch Phone review
In a world unbound by the economic realities we face today, we might even recommend it with only a few minor reservations.
Microsoft store opening October 22nd, insides revealed?
The Scottsdale store interior is claimed to be a "nearly exact replica" of the store created on Redmond's campus.
Android 2.0 given a once-over, makes 1.6 look a little dated
Look, T-Mobile, we appreciate the quick 1.6 rollout, but can we go ahead and get this pushed out stat while you're at it?
Other news of import

US Mobile DTV standard finally approved
It's about freaking time. So now we're what, just a billion years behind DVB adoption?

Palm Pre now available on O2 UK
The cheapest 18-month tariff on which the Pre can be had for free is £44.05 per month, which throws in 1,200 free minutes and "unlimited" data and WiFi.

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