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Japanese hardware sales, Oct. 5 - Oct. 11: Imploded analogy edition

It wasn't just relief that we felt after learning of the folk hero-esque Balloon Boy's safety -- it was inspiration. "Ah, yes," we said to ourselves upon hearing of the boy's false flight, "we've found our subject for the next Japanese Hardware Sales post." The plan was deceptively simple: It would be a metaphor! An analogy! But for what? Sales! Sales, on occasion, go up -- just like balloons. It was perfect! It would work -- it had to work.

Imagine our dismay when we actually calculated the changes in sales from last week's data. All of them, down. No -- this won't do. Can't be! The plan, the analogy! We check CNN, hoping to read of some brave copycat, utilizing bizarre means of downward transportation -- a Tunnel Boy, if you will. We could work with that. The analogy, it would stand.

Sadly, no such boy existed.

- DSi: 50,144 3,149 (5.91%)
- PSP: 40,100 11,115 (21.70%)
- PS3: 30,896 6,642 (17,69%)
- Wii: 30,741 4,651 (13.14%)
- DS Lite: 5,454 5,207 (48.84%)
- Xbox 360: 3,326 918 (21.63%)
- PS2: 2,133 46 (2.11%)

[Source: Media Create]

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