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Point-and-click your way to the ever-charming Machinarium

We know you're likely still occupied with the past week's pair of major blockbusters, but it'd be a shame if the release of a certain Small Wonder went unheralded by this blog. Enter: Machinarium, an impossibly charming, jaw-droppingly gorgeous adventure title for Windows, Mac and Linux which, after wooing us last month at PAX, is now available to purchase for a cool $20.

Not sure how you feel about hand-drawn adventure games featuring the misadventures of an adorable, mute robot? We suggest checking out the free demo of the game hosted on the game's official site. If you're still not enticed, we suggest getting a chest x-ray, because it sounds like there's a small chance that your heart is missing.

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

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