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Eye on the Aion community

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

See what they did there? Aion Community Manager Sebastian "Ayase" Streiffert admits it's a "shameless pun", but it's still fun. Eye on Community is a chance for you to share questions, accomplishments, and information about what's going on with Aion fans. As with any game launch, NCSoft has had issues to deal with since the game went live just under a month ago, and to give them due credit they seem to be handling the big issues fairly well.

With some of the larger issues on their way to being solved, it looks like NCSoft is hoping to interact with the players a bit more. Hopefully this is a step toward being in tune with the Aion fans to keep the game moving in a direction that everyone is happy with. Well, as happy as a group of thousands of people can all be at once, anyway.

Eye on Community begins with a question about community in EU Aion and the Legion system, so enjoy the read while we watch to see where NCSoft goes with this new feature.

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