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Fallout MMO issues at the heart of Interplay countersuit

Eliot Lefebvre

If you're waiting for a Fallout MMO -- something many fans for the series are, without a doubt -- and you're not getting enough of that itch scratched by Fallen Earth, there's hope on the horizon. Sort of. Assuming that Interplay and Bethesda can sort their problems out in court, where they're currently behaving with all of the maturity you'd expect from two large gaming companies.

The full story can be read here at GamePolitics, but if your head is spinning a bit from all of the legal discussion, here's the short version. Bethesda is angry that Interplay, who sold them the rights to Fallout when in dire need of money, is now trying to back out of licensing the property to develop their promised Fallout MMO. Interplay, on the flipside, is arguing that Bethesda violated the terms of their original agreement and rendered it null and void, which would give them both control of the rights once again as well as meaning that Bethesda might well owe them royalties for the massively successful Fallout 3.

Practical upshot? If things go well for Interplay, they'll have more seed money for developing an MMO based on an immensely popular classic gaming franchise. If they go poorly, of course, Interplay is really up the creek and we'll very likely not see said MMO for quite some time if ever. Take a look at the full story, and start placing your bets.

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