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Mortal Online devs appearing on MO-Radio

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

MO-Radio, the fan run Mortal Online radio show, has boasted some familiar names as guests on their Tuesday Night Talk Show for the past few months. Quite a few members of the Star Vault development team have visited, including concept artist Hannu Kokkonen, programmer Max Lindgren, and sound design dev Henrik Ekholm as well as a few others. The weekly show topics have covered some great details of Mortal Online design, and it's great to see the dev team being so involved with a fan endeavor.

Their latest guest is Andreas Springare (level design). He will be appearing on tomorrow's show, titled "It's not the next level, it's the fourth wall!" While the show airs for the first time tomorrow, reruns will air three times on Wednesday for anyone who missed it. Take a look at the official show site for a full schedule, and on the Mortal Online forums for an overview of Tuesday Night Talk Show.

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