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Xbox 360 update to add Music Games Store, news section


Microsoft has revealed new details about its Fall 2009 Xbox 360 Dashboard Update -- yes, the same update set to bring Twitter, and Facebook support. New to the list of update features is a dedicated Xbox Live storefront for music games DLC and a specific area of Inside Xbox called "News and More."

The Music Games Store will take a big step toward dealing with the clutter on Xbox Live, offering a one-stop shop for all Rock Band, Guitar Hero and Lips DLC. Aside from the convenience of a single destination for all music game DLC purchases, shoppers will also be able to preview each track from right there in the Dashboard.

As for the News and More section of Inside Xbox, it's described as "a regularly-updated stream of content from, MSN Autos, The New Yorker and Dilbert." We're totally expecting some Akira-like monstrosity that is equal parts balloon boy, coffee station chit-chat and political cartoons we don't understand; though we're sure in reality the feature will be less scary and far less life-threatening.

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