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APB enters closed beta, virtual crime rates spike

Almost three weeks after Realtime Worlds CEO Gary Dale teased us with the chance to go hands-on with APB, the developer's marketing head, John Davies, has confirmed to VG247 that the first wave of closed beta invites for the pseudo-MMO have been sent out. We realize this news will either find you unsurprised (i.e., you already received an invite) or disheartened (i.e., you didn't), but we thought we'd pass it along regardless, as crushing your spirits is one of our very favorite pastimes.

Aww, don't cry. Now you're just bringing us down. Hey, you can still apply to join the APBeta on the game's official site. Who knows, you might just get accepted instantaneously. There might be an invite in your inbox right this second! Just ... just buck up, okay?

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