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Breakfast Topic: What we don't know

Mike Schramm

I found myself without much to do last weekend, so I spent most of my time in Azeroth. My paladin, who's been extremely slow to level lately, went on a burst of XP gathering, and I got him from around 67 up to about 73, finishing up Outland and making some solid gains in Northrend. At 68, I logged out to my level 80 hunter, picked up the Tome of Cold Weather Flight, and passed it back to my pally, so as soon as he stepped on the northern shore, he could take to the skies in his flying machine (yes, he's an engineer, and he's headed for a chopper as soon as I can make it).

But then something strange happened (I mentioned this on last week's podcast as well): not one, not two, but three different people sent me tells in the same evening, all of them asking just how I was flying around Northrend at level 68. I feel like we covered the topic pretty well here on, and of course Blizzard had the information listed in the official patch notes. But somehow, news of the Tome had flown (sorry) under these players' radar.

And it got me thinking about what else many players don't know or have heard about the game yet: I mentioned voice chat the other day, and sure enough, many people didn't know there was in-game voice chat at all. Obviously, we bloggers here at read and learn about this stuff every day, and there's even things that we don't know or don't remember exactly (just listen to me on any given podcast, and you'll hear me forget exact information about old patches or raids I haven't thought about in a long time).

So today's question is a tough one: what don't we know? What kind of stuff, even though it's working and out there on live realms, still hasn't been found or realized by a lot of different players? What in-game features or items aren't used by lots of people, just because they aren't necessarily aware they're out there?

And of course the corollary to that is: why don't we know it? Is Blizzard not doing enough to make players aware of these things (they send a note when epic riding becomes available at 70, but I never got a note at 68 saying I could buy a Tome and go flying), or are community sites like ours not doing something we should? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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