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CableCARD tuners come to SageTV via SageMCTuner

Ben Drawbaugh

With the main obstacles for adoption of CableCARD tuners in Home Theater PCs gone it just makes sense that even those who don't use Windows Media Center would want to get in on the fun. If only it was that simple, with CableLabs holding the keys to the kingdom, not just anyone can build software that will work with a CableCARD tuner and expect it to work. Good news for Sage TV fans, as the genius who came up with our favorite Media Center plugin (DVRMSToolBox) has now come up with a nifty work around. SageMCTuner is still in beta, but the idea is to put Media Center to work for Sage. So in other words, Media Center is still doing all the recordings etc, but Sage is calling all the shots and reaping all the benefits. If you want the full details you'll have to click through and try it yourself, go ahead, we'll be waiting for your return to hear how it worked out -- we bet it goes pretty well.

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