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Fans campaigning for President Cat


Against all odds, a completely random Japanese Wii game starring a cat blogger has become a hot topic among some fans. Sukeban Shachou Rena Wii, published by Jorudan, stars a cat named Rena, from a popular Japanese blog, as the CEO of Cat Queen Inc. You play as a cat going through the initiation into the company, performing various minigames to earn Rena's respect.

The Orange Lounge Radio podcast discovered the game, which they have dubbed President Cat, then began Tweeting the Wii game's official account. Fans started sending messages of encouragement and support to the #presidentcat hashtag, and the Rena account has started responding in both Japanese and English, revealing that the publisher is excited and a little confused about all this sudden attention.

It would be hilarious if this grassroots movement resulted in the localization of a weird licensed game. However, it would also be pretty sad if the publisher turned out to lose money on it. It's definitely something we want to play, but we're not exactly representative of the mainstream audience.

[Thanks, act_def]

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