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Lenovo's new slate of ThinkVision LCDs really, really love the environment

Darren Murph

It's not like we haven't seen a ThinkVision monitor trying its best to be good to Ma Earth before, but Lenovo's ThinkVision L2251x Wide has just become the first in the industry to notch a TCO Certified Edge -- which, we'll be honest, sounds like a pretty bodacious award to have. Dubbed the company's "greenest monitors yet," the ThinkVision L1711p, L1951p Wide, L2250p Wide, L2251p Wide and L2251x Wide are all at least TCO Certified, EPEAT Gold rated and are 50 percent more energy-efficient than previous models. Outside of all that, you'll find 1,680 x 1,050 resolution panels, a 1,000:1 contrast ratio and a five millisecond response time on the whole lot, while select models boast DisplayPort compatibility and a built-in webcam. The ThinkVision L1951p Wide, L2250p Wide and L2251p Wide monitors will be available starting this Friday for $239.99, $249.99 and $259.99, respectively, while the L1711p will land on November 6th for $229.99 and the L2251x Wide sometime next month for $299.99.

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Lenovo Delivers On Vision for Greener Computing with New ThinkVision Monitors

ThinkVision L2251x Wide Monitor First in Industry to Achieve TCO Certified Edge

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NC - October 20, 2009: Lenovo (HKSE: 0992) today unveiled five new ThinkVision monitors that advance "green" design and usability while providing an unmatched visual-rich experience. The new line-up includes Lenovo's flagship ThinkVision L2251x Wide monitor, the company's most environmentally-responsible monitor for its use of recycled plastics, low power consumption and first PC monitor to be TCO Certified Edge. As Lenovo's greenest monitors yet, the new ThinkVision L1711p, L1951p Wide, L2250p Wide, L2251p Wide and L2251x Wide extend Lenovo's environmental product commitment to "Reduce. Reuse. and Recycle." All the new monitors are TCO Certified, EPEAT Gold Rated1 and are more than 50 percent more energy-efficient than previous models, exceeding the Energy Star 5.0 criteria.2

"By establishing high standards for environmental responsibility and usability for PC monitors, TCO Certified Edge is helping encourage manufacturers to produce and customers to adopt greener technology," said Tom Shell, vice president, Visuals Business Unit, Lenovo. "TCO Certified Edge products like the ThinkVision L2251x Wide monitor illustrate how designing for energy and materials efficiency helps the environment and customers' IT budgets."

"As the first PC company to achieve TCO Certified Edge for its L2251x Wide monitor, Lenovo leads the industry in a number of areas including reduced electromagnetic emissions and low usage of sensitive materials," said Sören Enholm, president, TCO Development. "Lenovo has gone the extra mile to achieve TCO Display 5.0 certification for all of its new monitors, illustrating a commitment to offering customers more choices for innovative green technology that also delivers on performance, visual quality and ease of use."


As the first TCO Certified Edge monitor, the ThinkVision L2251x Wide meets the strictest levels of ergonomics, safety and environmental attributes. For example, it uses only 21 watts of power during operation, which is significantly lower than the average 49 watts of power consumed by monitors in this class3. The ThinkVision L2251x Wide features an ambient light and proximity sensor to further lower power consumption in addition to the standard low-voltage white LED display in all the new models. If the monitor industry standardized on white LED technology, a total of nearly 30 million tons of CO2 could potentially be avoided by 2013.4 To help conserve even more power, proximity sensors on the L2251x Wide turn the screen off when a user steps away, helping to save up to an additional 10 percent of power consumption a year.5
The ThinkVision L2251x Wide reduces sensitive materials by using a mercury-free panel and low halogen components.6 Lenovo has also reduced packaging materials by up to 44 percent on select models.7


The L2251x Wide chassis parts are made of 65 percent post consumer recycled plastics with no virgin plastics. With this achievement, it contains the highest amount of post consumer recycled plastics for monitors listed in the EPEAT registry9. The new monitor is shipped in more than 90 percent recycled packaging, and for the first time, Lenovo is including a reusable protective bag as part of the packaging to further reduce plastics use.


Lenovo provides a number of PC recycling options worldwide. Consumers in the U.S. can receive rewards for recycling if their old PC has residual value. Lenovo also offers Asset Recovery Services for business customers that provides computer take-back, data destruction, refurbishment and recycling. Additional Asset Recovery services include inventory, value assessment, on-site de-installation and data encryption.

Visual-Rich Performance

The new monitors present vivid images fast by offering up to 1680x1050 screen resolution, a 1000:1 contrast ratio and a five millisecond response time. DisplayPort compatibility on select models9 also lets users easily work on their laptop or desktop via the monitor. The ThinkVision 2551x Wide features a built-in webcam for clear video conferencing and up to four high-speed USB ports for added flexibility and expansion.

Pricing and Availability10

The Lenovo ThinkVision L1951p Wide, L2250p Wide and L2251p Wide monitors will be available beginning October 23 for $239.99, $249.99 and $259.99, respectively. The Lenovo ThinkVision L1711p monitor will be available beginning November 6 for $229.99, and the ThinkVision L2251x Wide monitor will be available in November for $299.99. The monitors will be available through Lenovo business partners and

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