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Livio's NPR Radio tunes more than just NPR, contrary to popular belief

Darren Murph

The first Livio Radio hit the scene in April, and now the second one is splashing down in an attempt to draw the attention of those who considering themselves amongst the sophisticated. At first glance, we assumed that the curiously titled NPR Radio would tune into NPR broadcasts only, though our hopes of such a marvelously awesome and useless device were quickly dashed after perusing the press release. In reality, the internet radio functions just like any other web radio (via Ethernet or WiFi, mind you), though it does enable users to quickly store and access their favorite NPR stations with a convenient "my NPR" button on the front of the device. If you're looking to bring a few more fireside chats into your cozy little den, this one can be snapped up today for a penny under $200.

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New Internet Radio Makes it Easy to Listen to Everything NPR

The NPR Radio by Livio Makes All NPR Stations, Programs, Content and Podcasts Accessible to More People, in More Places

Washington, DC; October 19, 2009 - Bridging the gap between the online and broadcast worlds, the "NPR Radio" by Livio is the first internet radio with an exclusive menu dedicated to NPR stations and programs. With one device, NPR fans can now personalize their NPR experience, and easily switch back and forth between the local NPR Member station they know and love, and on-demand content and programs from and stations across the US.

The NPR Radio by Livio makes it possible for listeners to:

* Access more than 1,000 NPR station streams, more than 800 podcasts and audio archives of NPR programs.
* Quickly store and access their favorite NPR stations with a convenient "my NPR" button on the front of the device.
* Access a comprehensive list of more than 16,000 validated Internet radio stations from around the world through Reciva®, a global market leader in Internet radio technology, in addition the NPR stations and content.
* In mere minutes, through a wireless of Ethernet connection, search by genre, location or keyword, and find NPR content and other world programming for free.

"Now public radio fans can easily discover more of what they love about NPR by easily exploring other NPR stations and content," said Barbara Sopato, Director of Consumer Products for NPR.

The NPR Radio sells for $199.99 and is currently available in the United States at or Proceeds from the sale of the radio support NPR programming and NPR stations.

"There is such acclaim and prestige associated with the NPR brand," said Greg Kim, Livio's sales and marketing manager. "We are honored to be partnering with such a notable influence in American culture and are thrilled to help our customers share in the NPR experience."

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