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OFLC rating outs 'Ghost Recon: Predator'


Ubisoft's tentatively titled Ghost Recon 4 may just be "Ghost Recon: Predator" -- that is, if this OFLC classification is any indication. The classification itself is pretty barren, save for the title of the game, the fact that it's multiplatform and it's rated MA 15+. Still, given the title, it's a pretty safe bet that this will be a Ghost Recon game more in line with the roots of the series and not another Advanced Warfighter -- mostly because it doesn't have "Advanced Warfighter" in the title.

Hopefully, Ubisoft will confirm sooner rather than later. We definitely encourage the company to do so, especially if it still hopes to get the game on shelves by March 2010.

[Via VG247]

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