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The Guild season 3, episode 8 (with gag reel)

Mike Schramm

Another excellent (and a little disturbing) episode of The Guild is out right now on MSN Video and the usual places (including right after the jump on this post). Wil Wheaton returns to his role as the rival guildleader, and the rival guild continues to push the envelope on revenge. Tink makes a return as well, but as for how that goes, we'll let you watch the show yourself.

Elsewhere in Guild news, Wil Wheaton also made an appearance as himself on the geeky sitcom The Big Bang Theory last night. If you missed it, CBS has a few clips up on their website to watch right now. The appearance isn't actually World of Warcraft-related, though the game has appeared on the show before (and Felicia Day and I talked about Big Bang Theory a while back on our podcast). And The Guild has also posted a second season 3 gag reel, with behind the scenes footage of all of the guys... cursing like sailors. Enjoy!

Like The Guild? We do, too! We chatted with all of the folks at BlizzCon, including Felicia Day, Sandeep Parikh, and Jeff Lewis and Michele Boyd. We also saw their panel, and the guys were nice enough to stop by our meetup as well. Stay tuned here every Tuesday for a brand new episode of season 3!

<br/><a href="" target="_new" title="Season 3 - Episode 8: +10 to Bravery">Video: Season 3 - Episode 8: +10 to Bravery</a>

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