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Windows 7 Media Center's upgraded Netflix Watch Instantly interface now available


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Those already upgraded to Windows 7 ahead of Thursday's launch events (no, we're not coming to your party) should find a Netflix button parked under the Movies section in Media Center starting today. Clicking it revealed a slightly smoother install process than the initial Netflix upgrade for Vista users last spring, then it's off to the refreshed interface we first spotted at CEDIA -- extender support or HD streaming is still out. Also updated is the out-of-beta internet TV sliding under the TV tab (new from beta 2: Adobe Flash video support and region locking) with a wide assortment of streaming video available, though the picture quality still leaves something to be desired.

[Thanks, Daren & Craig]

Update: Not seeing it yet? Go to the Tasks -->Settings-->General-->Automatic Download Options and manually start an update there, the new tiles should arrive shortly.

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