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Gigabyte T1028X and M1022X netbooks launch in Japan, Win 7 in tow


In anticipation of the Thursday's launch, the crazy kids at Gigabyte Japan have refreshed two of their netbook lineup to include Windows 7 Starter. Unfortunately for the T1028X tablet we've been tracking for a while now, this flavor of the OS doesn't support multitouch. While that makes a touchscreen far less attractive in our eyes, maybe you're into that sort of thing. Who knows? That said, new OS aside, you're pretty much looking at the same old netvertible. Also on tap, the M1022X brings the M1022M docking netbook up to speed, adding a 6 cell battery (boasting 8 hours of use) to the 10.1-inch, Atom N280-powered ultraportable. Look for that one to retail for ¥66,800 ($738) while the T1028X fetches ¥72,800 ($804).

[Via Netbooked]

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